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One of Project Sanctuary’s core beliefs is:  “We are stronger together.” We are blessed to collaborate with other nonprofits and business partners both on a state and national level.  Our partners truly become part of our larger family as we continue to learn and to grow.

Our collaboration is pursued at all levels, from local vendor partners to joint ventures with other national organizations. A few of our key partners include: the USO, First Command Financial Services, YMCA of the Rockies, Joint Chiefs of Staff – Chairman’s Office of Reintegration, AIMCO Cares, Project Healing Waters, Higher Ground, Rocky Mountain Human Services/Operation TBI, the Center for Relationship Education, National Sports Center for the Disabled, National Ability Center, Veteran’s Passport to Hope, Patriot Anglers.

Project Sanctuary is also a proud founding member of the R4 Alliance, more than 60 programs of excellence, providing therapeutic and community-based recreation services to military families. Research, Recreation, Rehabilitation and Reintegration (R4) are the core principles of this nationwide organization.

We are always looking for new and better ways to collaborate. Contact Us if you would like to work together in service to our military families.

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