Attending a therapeutic retreat is often just the beginning of a family’s work to move forward and thrive during or after military service. In addition to retreats, Project Sanctuary provides ongoing support services tailored to the needs and goals of each unique family. Our Family Support program is available to families on our wait list in addition to families who have attended a retreat.

Family Support is about collaboration and self-advocacy through families choosing to stay involved with our support team and following through with recommendations and resources that will help you achieve greater stability

Consultation on navigating military and veteran benefits, counseling, assistance in achieving financial goals, and support in securing day-to-day necessities are examples of our ongoing work to help each family.

Project Sanctuary is committed to remaining involved with families for at least two years following a therapeutic retreat to help them continue reintegrating and healing, empowering them to thrive long after they return home.

Contact with questions about our Family Support program.

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