This segment of Project Sanctuary is completely custom tailored to the needs and goals of each unique military family. This step is about “self-advocacy” and choosing to stay involved with our support team—deciding to be the leaders of their family and their lives. Our assistance might include warm handoffs to professionals in specific geographic locations, or bringing families back to retreats in peer-mentorship capacities as therapeutic opportunities to support other participants. Consultation on navigating military and veteran benefits, counseling, assistance in achieving financial goals, and support in securing day-to-day necessities are but a snapshot of our ongoing work to help each family grow and thrive.

As activities surrounding foreign affairs, federal and state budgets, and national defense as a whole continue to fluctuate, so, too, do the lives of our military and veteran families. In addition to these external variables, the internal, household-level variables play an even more significant role in the ability of our program participants to thrive – as individuals, as families and within their communities. Project Sanctuary is committed to remaining involved with families (for at least 24 months) following the therapeutic retreat to help them continue reintegrating and healing, and empowering them to thrive long after they return home.

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