Project Sanctuary Quick Guide to

Safer Retreats

Lead by example, be responsible and professional and if any questions, please consult the full Covid – Safer at Retreats guide, the Retreat Manager or reach out to Missy.

Families First, Mission Focused is still our motto. Let’s make the retreat about the retreat: classes, recreation, mental health, supporting the families. Masks and sanitizer are just the way we need to operate to keep everyone safe.

Wash or sanitize hands before, during and after just about everything. Encourage families to do the same.

Masks when around public, families or not able to distance. Masks are strongly encouraged for families, but respect everyone’s wishes and journey.

Six feet is the new rule when at all possible.

Pods All families should dine and recreate within their family pod. Each family will have their own table, coffee, water pitcher, condiments. Dining time will be staggered.

Disinfect dining room, chairs commonly used equipment after each use.

Bathroom Children must go with an adult to ensure the bathroom is cleaned afterward. We ask families to wipe down with bleach wipe or spray with Lysol after each use. Families encouraged to use their own bathroom in their cabin/lodge/room as much as possible.

Temperature checks for staff every morning and this should be logged. Encouraged for families.

Outside is always preferred to inside.

Supply bags for each family: Tylenol, Tums packets, sunscreen, bug spray, small hand sanitizer

Smaller retreats six families max is what we can realistically host safely.

Quarantine We have been quarantining families long before it was possible. Same as always: if you or anyone else is sick, remove from the group.