Project Sanctuary is committed to more than just helping military families heal and improve their quality of life. We are committed to changing the entire paradigm of helping veterans, active-duty service members and their families.

Our core mission is all about reconnecting military families, to themselves, to each other, to their communities, and to a purpose – all of which are critical for suicide prevention. Our program follows a “human-centered” design model. We survey and collect data in order to understand individual families’ issues, and then we use evidence-based approaches to provide solutions for those issues while also empowering and strengthening families.

For that reason, we are involved in research projects, collaborations and partnerships that help us evolve best practices and expand innovative approaches to serving our military families. Below are research publications and other relevant articles in which Project Sanctuary has been involved and/or that are related to proving the efficacy of therapeutic and community recreation programs for Our Military Family.


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