Carol & Frank Scaletti | Volunteers
I spent 20 years as a military wife wife, and was an ombudsman for many years. Now both of my children are active duty and I run a support group for military moms. I started volunteering with Project Sanctuary in July 2015 after my husband and I attended a retreat. We decided the program was so amazing and did so much for us that we wanted to help others, as peer mentors. We live in Arizona and help at as many retreats as we can each year. 
Scott Harper | Outdoor Recreation & Logistics
Scott retired after 20 years in the United States Air Force including deployments to Southwest Asia for Desert Storm and Operation Southern Watch.  Before joining the Project Sanctuary team, Scott was a Park Ranger with the National Park Service. He was the coordinator for Post to Parks: a national program that connected thousands of Active Duty, Veterans, and military families to our public lands and the outdoors. Outdoor recreation is a vital component in the healing process that Project Sanctuary provides. Scott’s passion for the outdoors and helping military families led him to Project Sanctuary. Scott spends his free time skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, fishing, mountain biking, golfing, ballroom dancing, and hanging out at his remote mountain cabin.
Chrysti Hagen | Volunteer
I never really gave much thought about what they and their families went through as service members until I was back in Colorado and came across the non-profit Project Sanctuary. I’m not even sure how my attention was drawn to them, but once I read about their program, something struck me and I began to think of not only my Alaska friends, but also my own family and how we were all affected by the act of serving, even later in life. It was one of those ‘mind blown’ kinds of experiences.  I then began to think of why someone would sign up to serve – I know people have many different reasons and I expect that many don’t really understand what they are signing up for, yet they do. Not that it was an option so long ago, and those who freely do today, I have the utmost respect and admiration for.xt.
Larry & Vicky Daub | Healthy Marriage Facilitators
Larry is retired from the Air Force with 21+ years and a corporate career of 20+ years.  Vicky is a retired teacher and spent 20+ years in the corporate world training, managing, and helping produce and support various technical products. The Daubs are Center for Relationship Education facilitators, and lead Healthy Marriage seminars at Project Sanctuary retreats. Larry and Vicky volunteered at their first Project Sanctuary retreat in January 2012, and facilitated at their first retreat later that same year. The Daubs have been participated in more than 40 Project Sanctuary retreats over the past 5 years. They continue to support Project Sanctuary because they both love connecting with military families, and watching the families grow during the course of the retreat.

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The Tuskeegee Airmen


Lynn Shore | Volunteer
The families served by Project Sanctuary have sacrificed so that I and my family may live a free and comfortable life. This creates a debt that must be acknowledged, although it can never be repaid. Washing dishes, vacuuming a floor or wiping a table, which facilitates the families interaction with Project Sanctuary counselors and staff, thereby making their lives better, is the least I can do to honor and respect their sacrifices. What I am giving up for a few days pales in comparison to what they have given up for me.
Scott Lee, MA, LPC | Lead Counselor
As a Mental Health Counselor, it is great to see changes within families during the 6 day retreat, how behaviors are changed and families get that bond back together in just 6 days. I love the 2 year follow up, we don’t just kick them out of the door and wait till the next retreat. I love hearing from families months or years from their retreat, asking how to do something they learned at the retreat. I enjoy helping others, as I Veteran I see/know the need for help. I work for PS because where else can I get paid to have fun with great and wonderful people.
Karen House | Volunteer
I discovered Project Sanctuary in 2012 when a friend returned from a retreat.  I personally volunteered at several subsequent retreats, and wanted to be more involved but work full-time and can’t afford much time away from my job.  I have watched Project Sanctuary grow its locations and services, and appreciate the passion of the entire PS team, volunteers and supporters.  I am involved with Project Sanctuary because I am impressed with its focus and dedication, and I admire the HOPE and healing that this program offers to returning service members and their families.
Rick Bernstein | Grant Writer
Yes, I was looking for a contract to help a non-profit with grant writing. But the stars aligned and sent me to Project Sanctuary. This is a group of people who take their contribution seriously…and so they should. PS does so much good to help keep military families together and strong. Their outreach is extraordinary. I am so proud to be able to help get proposals together and raise much needed funds to continue the great work of Heather and her team…our team. I could not think of a better way to serve than to work for Project Sanctuary.
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