During the month of May, the military world takes a moment to honor the millions of caregivers that provide care for the veterans of our country. Caregivers are usually family members and loved ones of veterans living with the effects of war, disability, chronic illness or aging. Their care and sacrifice help veterans remain at […]

We Love Our Volunteers

With 6,200+ volunteer hours over the last year, the people that unselfishly support Project Sanctuary are nothing short of miraculous! Being able to provide therapeutic support and quality services to all at-risk military families that ask for assistance is our ultimate goal and we could never accomplish this without the dedication of our volunteers. We know […]

We Are All In This Together.

We are seeing a dramatic increase in the need for emergency financial support from our military families as a result of our current environment. Those of us that are able to give back during these times are needed now more than ever.  If you can, please consider a gift in support of our military families today as we help navigate these […]

Parenting Resources

Check out these amazing 13 resources to support you during COVID-19. Parenting is hard even without the whole family staying at home together. Please reach out if you need anything from us at Otherwise, check out these amazing links. Flocbulary: Flocabulary is a web site to deliver a new library of videos, activities, and […]

Something to Celebrate

Twelve courageous military families signed up for our Therapeutic Retreat in Texas. Despite the emerging news and fears about the Covid-19 virus, every single family showed up ready to take the next steps in their family’s journey of healing.