Project Sanctuary Partners with Give An Hour

Of the many requests Project Sanctuary’s Family Support program receives, the need to find quality licensed psychotherapists is at the top. Often our veterans and families go through a retreat and realize the need for continued growth as a an individual, a couple, or as a family. Families considering a retreat also frequently seek out our help to meet their needs for counseling.

Our Family Support program helps connect active duty service members, veterans, and their families to services that are culturally competent in order to best serve them. The military experience is complex and unique, and we understand that families need therapists and counselors who understand the challenges of military life.

To do this, we’ve partnered with Give An Hour, among other organizations, with tremendous success. Give An Hour was part of our recent Family Support Resource Weekend and has been an ongoing partner to Project Sanctuary for over a year.

Part of Give An Hour’s mission is to identify professionals with the skills to address specific veteran needs and who are willing to donate their time and expertise for veterans. They work with numerous local, state, and national mental health associations to engage, recruit, and educate members about the opportunity to serve their communities.

These generous volunteer therapists and counselors willing to donate their time make up a nationwide network of no-cost services for service members, veterans, and their families. Clients receive one hour per week of counseling for at least one year, with options for phone and video counseling in addition to in-person counseling.

Give An Hour’s services are confidential, just like all of Project Sanctuary’s therapeutic programs, and don’t impact your military record. Give An Hour helps all eras of veterans and active duty military members and their loved ones, including parents, siblings, grandparents, and unmarried partners.

Any Project Sanctuary family interested in counseling can email for assistance in identifying a therapist for you through Give An Hour.