Volunteer Spotlight: Kurt and Ann Sorys

Kurt and Ann Sorys have volunteered with Project Sanctuary since 2018, and have already dedicated nearly 500 hours of their time (all while driving from Omaha to the mountains of Colorado!). Learn more about these superstar volunteer in this month’s spotlight feature:

Where you live?

Omaha, Nebraska

How long have you been volunteering for Project Sanctuary?

Our first retreat was in January of 2018 at Snow Mountain Ranch in Granby, CO. Since then, we have attended four additional retreats and are looking forward to more. We hope to fit in 2-3 per year and even more once we stop working.

We’ve volunteered exclusively in Colorado. Three times at Snowy Mountain Ranch and two at Winding River Ranch. Both locations are centered in the Rocky Mountains with beautiful views all around. Our favorite is Snow Mountain Ranch. The atmosphere created in the main lodge when everyone is working closely together makes this place special.

How did you find Project Sanctuary and why did you decide to start volunteering?

We became aware of Project Sanctuary when First Command hosted a golf tournament at Offutt Air Force Base (near Omaha) to benefit Project Sanctuary. We didn’t know what Project Sanctuary was, so Ann did a little research, found out about the mission, and we decided that we wanted to be a part of it and contribute.

Do you have a day job in addition to volunteering?

Ann and I both are retired from the Omaha Police Department. Ann is currently doing volunteer work in the Omaha area and I am the full-time training manger at a civilian/law enforcement training company called 88 Tactical Range and Readiness Center.

What are your favorite things to do in your spare time?

We both enjoy exercise and spending time in the outdoors during all seasons. Anything from running and biking to hiking, camping in all seasons, snowshoeing, and canoeing. This is why the Colorado retreat locations are so appealing to us!

Kurt and Ann hiking during a Project Sanctuary therapeutic retreat for military families in Grand Lake, Colorado.

What’s your favorite part about volunteering at Project Sanctuary?

The opportunity to be of service to the families and staff. It’s very fulfilling to contribute to providing an environment where the families feel safe, can let their guard down, and work to identify solutions to the issues that brought them to Project Sanctuary in the first place.

Everyone starts off as strangers on night one and ends up like one big family after only a few days together. This is just as beneficial to us as volunteers as it is to the families we are serving.

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