November is Military Family Appreciation Month

The Armed Services YMCA established November as Military Family Appreciation Month in 1996. With Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving also taking place this month, there’s no better time to honor the sacrifices and commitment of military families.

When one person serves, the whole family serves. Military families might be spending the holidays apart due to deployment, in the middle of a move, or figuring out what the new normal is after a service member comes home.

military family project sanctuary retreat to help veterans

Military spouses learn to be manage parenting and the family household alone, often in a new place where they don’t know anyone, and service members miss out on major milestones and holidays while deployed.

Empowering families to reconnect and thrive as they move forward is core to Project Sanctuary’s mission and an important part of supporting and honoring military families.

There are a number of ways for you to support them too, from sending a Thanksgiving care package, to volunteering your time to help a family with grocery shopping or home repairs, or simply taking the time to reach out and listen.

Operation Homefront distributes holiday meal kits to thousands of military families at active duty bases around the country each year. You can donate your time by volunteering at an event near you to help them reach another 10,000 families this year. If you’re a military family that would like to register for a meal kit, create an account here.

military family project sanctuary retreat to help veterans and military spouses

Operation We Are Here has a comprehensive list of other Thanksgiving Day events around the country that support military families and veterans. At that link, you can find information about Thanksgiving care packages, adopting a military family for the holiday, and more.

You can also help military families year-round by supporting Project Sanctuary.

Our unique approach to helping families heal and reconnect after deployment is made possible with partners like the YMCA, and folks like you who volunteer and donate.

Our goal is to leave no family in crisis. Whether a family is dealing with PTSD, financial struggles, or just learning how to connect with each other again, we are not afraid to get to the heart of the problem and find a solution that works. Our therapeutic retreats are followed by two years of family support services to help military families however they need it.

We depend on hundreds of volunteers each year to help us with this important work. You can volunteer with us at a retreat by signing up here. You can also help us serve the 2,300 families on our waiting list by donating here.