How to Select a Realtor and Lender

Compiled by guest “vloggers” Allison Parks and military veteran Kimberly McAleenan of Conscious Real Estate, this is the tenth installment of a monthly blog series for 2018, providing tips to the military/veteran home buyer. Contact Allison and Kimberly via the Conscious Real Estate website for additional information.

One of the first things you will need to do when buying a home is select a realtor. But how do you exactly select a realtor? Do you go with your best friend who is a realtor? Well, not necessarily. So, how should you go about finding a good realtor and lender? We asked agents at Conscious Real Estate to find out what they recommend. They work with active and retired military consistently to work through the VA Loan process. Here are some tips they gave us on how to select a realtor and a lender.

You Will Spend a Lot of Time With Your Realtor

Buying a home can be stressful and one of the ways to make it less stressful is to work with an excellent realtor and lender. Look, you’re going to be spending a lot of time with your realtor. So, should you go with your best friend when choosing? There is a chance that the stress could alter your friendship. It might be better going with an acquaintance, a friend of a friend, or looking into the network of realtor who tend to work with the military often and know specific details to advise you on.

Plus, when you meet your realtor for the first time, ask yourself if you’ll enjoy spending time with them. Because, chances are, you’ll be driving with them to showings, texting them frantically in the evening, and hugging them at your closing. Make sure you actually enjoy their company and it will make the whole process much more enjoyable which will help you better find your perfect home.

Select a Realtor Who Listens to You

Use someone who knows what they are doing who has your best needs at heart. You don’t want to select a realtor that seems to have their own agenda. And, if they keep skipping over the important needs you may have, then they might be looking out for themselves instead of you.

A good realtor listens to what you need and asks you questions to help you find a property that gets as close as possible to your ideal dream home (and within your budget). Quality realtors will also have the experience needed to help you make negotiations and substitutions. For example if you have to give up an open floor plan to get into a certain neighborhood you have to be in, your agent will be able to help guide you through tough calls when it comes to decision making.

Same Goes With Choosing a Lender

The lender is the make or break part of the deal. Through your lender’s tenacity, knowledge and experience, any financial hurdles can typically be crossed successfully. You’ll also spend a lot of time with your lender. They will be asking for certain documents and scheduling phone calls with you as you go through the lending process.

Therefore, you’ll also want to use the same rules of thumb when picking which lender to use. Make sure you enjoy spending time with them (or that their voice and actions don’t remind you of nails on a chalkboard at least), and that you are able to communicate with them. You’ll want to be sure to pick someone who is able to explain detailed financial concepts in an understandable way and someone who respects your time by pacing the process reasonably and efficiently.

For more information, or to speak with an experienced VA Loan realtor or lender, click here to get in touch with an agent at Conscious Real Estate. In addition to their military real estate experience, they also donate to charitable causes, supporting many different veterans initiatives (and more).