Recreation Therapy is…

By Missy Hyatt, CTRS, Project Sanctuary Chief Program Officer

There are lots of ways to explain Recreation Therapy.  The basic concept is that recreation or leisure activities can improve someone’s quality of life. This could be by using physical activity to help someone regain a skill lost after an injury, or it could be using a form of art to help someone reach emotional goals.

Recreation Therapy is more than anyone expects.

It is holistic. We consider the entire family’s mind, body, spirit, emotions, and any possible disabilities.

It is inclusive. We provide the same experiences no matter the person’s age, race, gender, or ability level.

It is person focused, or in our case family focused. We serve the family as a whole. We don’t separate the different parts of the family to provide different experiences.

It is purposeful. The activities we do are fun but focused. We plan out interventions and goals.

It is optimistic. All the programming, activities, and people who execute our program help participants remember to look on the bright side. It is all about learning new things and experiencing ways to uplift your mood and lifestyle.

Recreation Therapy isn’t some mysterious or clinical therapy reserved for hospitals. It is used anywhere and all the time. As Recreation Therapists, we work to create an environment of healing AND learning. We want to show you what is available to help you heal and then support you as you take it home and implement it.