How to Choose a Home That’s Right For You

Compiled by guest “vloggers” Allison Parks and military veteran Kimberly McAleenan of Conscious Real Estate, this is the fifth installment of a monthly blog series for 2018, providing tips to the military/veteran home buyer. Contact Allison and Kimberly via the Conscious Real Estate website for additional information.

 In a perfect world, we would all have beach houses in the city with enough land to… Okay, you realize we’re joking right?? Ha. Well, some people might be able to “have it all” (maybe?), but for most of us, we have to decide which things we have to have, want to have, and which things we can do without in order to find the most perfect home for us. In this article and video, we asked local real estate agency, Conscious Real Estate to help weigh in on how to choose a home that’s right for you. Let’s dive in.




First of All, How to Choose a Home That’s Right for Your Budget

Usually the first “limitation” to our dream home is the price. What can we afford to put down in a down payment? And, what can we afford to pay monthly. Many of these questions are answered by the lender and your credit score as well as financial strength, but also, you may want to go a little under budget or over budget depending on what your goals are.

For example, if you want a larger home to grow into, and you expect your income to stay the same or rise, you may want to include size and bedroom count as primary needs. However, if you expect to simplify in the future and maybe even want to get rid of your car one day, a condo downtown could be a good option for you.

Next, How to Choose a Home That’s Right for Your Lifestyle

The answer to this question could depend on where you’re at in your military career. Are you active? You may want to look at a condo where you don’t have to maintain the lawn or outside of the property. Or, if you are being discharged soon, but will need to go to base periodically, perhaps you’ll want to consider your commute and how close or far you’ll want to be.

Do you have pets? Maybe you’ll want to look for a fenced-in yard (fences can be expensive!). This way, you don’t have an added personal cost later. And, speaking of extra costs later, a good real estate agent will help you determine how old the water heater is for example (and thus when it would need replacing), as well as other crucial points that could add to the total bill. Things to think about.

Finally, How to Choose a Home That’s Right For Your Peace of Mind

Will you choose a home that’s right for you right now, or later down the road? Do you want to be a safe area that you feel comfortable in? Do you want to be in a good school district? Are you okay with the home needing some things done to it? Know that fixer uppers will always (no matter what), take more time and more money than you expect.

Even the best budgeters of time and finances know that when thinking about how to choose a home that’s right for you, you’ll want to consider your peace of mind too. And on that note… maybe you want a master bathroom with a his and hers bathroom, or a master bedroom away from where the kids sleep, or one extra bedroom for your crafts/office/yoga/quiet place to scream (we don’t judge!). Think about it!

And, of course, a good realtor will walk you through all of these scenarios and some you haven’t thought of yet. To get in touch and ask a question of one of the amazing agents at Conscious Real Estate, click here. Bonus: 10% goes to charity with every sale. It’s a feel good way to do something you were already going to do.


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