Taking Retreat Activities Home

Written by Missy Hyatt, Director of Programs and Volunteers for Project Sanctuary.

Did your kids come back from Youth Program talking about a fun game? Did they try to explain how to play, and you couldn’t understand what in the world they were talking about? Or have you not yet been to a Project Sanctuary retreat but are curious about some of the things we do in our Youth Program? Here are the rules to a game called “Name 10” that happens at nearly EVERY Project Sanctuary Youth Program.


  • Name 10 category list
  • Sheets numbered 1-10
  • Writing utensils- pens for each group
  • Squeaky toy

Group Dynamics:

  • 4-30 people
  • 2-5 people in each group

Set up:

  1. Divide people evenly into groups. Groups can be comprised of 2-5 people.
    • If you have 5 people in your family, you will have 2 groups of 2 people plus the leader.
    • If you have a family of 4, pit the kids against the adults. Make the adults write with their non-dominant hands!
  2. Sit participants on the floor, spaced evenly around squeak toy


  1. Activity leader will have the Name 10 list and will stand away from the groups and near the squeaky toy.
  2. Each group needs to identify a writer. They will have the blank 1-10 sheets and pen.
  3. The activity leader will yell out a category, and the groups must come up with 10 answers.
    • Example: Activity Leader will yell out, “Name 10… colors.”
    • Groups will each write down 10 colors (e.g., red, orange, yellow etc.).
  4. Once a group has completed their list, they send someone to grab the squeaky toy.
  6. If you don’t have the list in your hand, your group’s turn is lost, and the point is up for grabs for another group.
  7. Activity leader will look at the list. If it is correct, that team gets a point. If it is wrong, the toy gets THROWN somewhere else in the room, and another group can grab it *if they have their list in hand.*

You can contact missy@projectsanctuary.us to receive supplemental documents for this game or ideas for other games you can play at home!


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