Couples’ Retreat Gets Rave Reviews

This review was originally posted on our Facebook page by Mandy Sullivan.  In July 2017, she and her husband attended retreat #122 for couples only at YMCA Snow Mountain Ranch.

The Project Sanctuary #122 couples’ retreat was a blessing. It taught my husband and I many valuable lessons that will forever change our family dynamics and our daily lives. We want to share this with EVERYONE!

If you feel that your marriage is good, great! Go and share what works for your family so others can gain something from you. If your marriage is unraveling, go and learn how to mend the holes by participating in the classes. Even if your family and marriage are perfect but you are struggling, emotionally, physically or even spiritually (this is a non-religious program but what is important to you is what you work on), this is a great place to go to help you overcome those struggles with others who are living with similar issues.

Special 10-year anniversary vow renewal ceremony for the Sullivans

You will also build relationships while doing fun activities with people who will forever be apart of your life. All of these people understand you in one way or another and will stand by you when everyone else, including extended family, will fall by the wayside.

The most important thing you can do when you go is be vulnerable. If you are vulnerable and share with your spouse, with others, suddenly everyone wants to share with you and you realize with clarity, you are not so alone anymore. You now have people who understand what you are going though and get it. Go, I beg you. It will change your lives.




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