Our Truth is Our Truth

Written by guest blogger CW4 Doug Petersen (Ret), who served 20 years as a US Army Aviator.  A decorated Vietnam veteran, Doug was a Dustoff pilot and was shot down twice during his tour. Check out more of Doug’s work at http://douglasnpetersen.com/, or listen to his TEDx Talk.

This is part five of an eight-part series on values. Each of the eight-blog posts will focus on one core value and how it applies to our veterans and those still serving our country.

Truth telling is instilled into everyone who enters into the military. How could we have a strong military if it were based on falsehoods? Untruths or half-truths are simply not an option for the ‘job’ our men and women are called to do for this country. Telling the truth, even at the personal sacrifice it might bring, is for the greater good, and our military are shining examples. Despite the movie’s famous line, we can handle the truth. It’s one of the fundamental values we look for in others, and our men and women serving this country show it so well.

No one promised it would be easy all the time. No one ever told us that it wasn’t significant. And it’s not easy all the time, and it is very important for us to tell the truth. Telling the truth can be very hard at times, and telling lies is the easy, cowardly escape. Truthfulness is another personal value that is essential for us on our journey.

Telling the truth should never be used as a vindictive weapon against others. If someone tells us the truth, we should never take action against him or her; if we do, that may be the last time that person tells us the truth again. It will be at that point the relationship will be based on half-truths or untruths, and that bond will erode.

We also don’t have to remember our truth. Our truth is just that, our truth. In contrast, we have to remember every lie, which one it was, and to whom we told it. That can become quite the challenge to remember. Our truth is our truth, and it is as our heart sees it.

Truthfulness is one of the keys that will open the doors that we will need to unlock on our journey. It seems simple, and yet, not always easy. It takes courage to tell the truth.

Today’s Journey is all about the truth.

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