Lynn’s Favorite Photos

Written by guest blogger Lynn J. Shore who served four years in the Air Force during the Cold War era. After retiring from the real estate business in 2008, Lynn transformed his hobby of photography into an avocation. He provides pro bono photography service to several nonprofit organizations in addition to accepting event photography assignments in Western Colorado. Volunteering for Project Sanctuary is his way of honoring and respecting the sacrifices made by our military families.

As a volunteer for Project Sanctuary, I am assigned certain daily responsibilities such as meal preparation, helping with the children while parents are in class, cleanup in the lodge, washing dishes, etc. All of the duties are designed to help the families get the most from the retreat without having to concern themselves with some of the mundane aspects of daily life.

As a self-proclaimed photographer, I also always have a camera with me. My intent is to capture moments throughout the day which, in the end, tell the story of this retreat and of the families involved. My objective is to get candid shots of staff and families engaged in the many activities offered during the retreat and the interaction between staff and families and within each family. This must be done while respecting the privacy of all involved. Some moments just aren’t for public consumption.

The pictures produced are put on my website where they can be viewed and downloaded by all the families and Project Sanctuary staff. It is, for me, an enjoyable and satisfying endeavor. I hope you will join us soon to support these warriors and their families. You will never, ever regret it.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures with thoughts about each one.

This lady was having a “not so good day.” When we arrived at the riding stables, she found this horse that also needed some love, and the two bonded for several minutes – therapeutic for both.

The strength and tenacity of our families is always inspiring. This lady had just finished a long, cold, wet, windy ride but still had a sense of joy to share.

A father-daughter connection. Reconnecting and bonding the family is an essential goal of the retreat.

The head counselor, Scott, doing what counselors do throughout the retreat, giving families the tools and guidance to deal with whatever may be facing them.

A kiss on the mountain top. Enough said. At my favorite retreat location, The Winding River Ranch.  What a magnificent place to heal, reconnect and strengthen the family. 

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