How to write compare and contrast essay

How to write compare and contrast essay


Due to the research demanded by compare and contrast essays, it is no wonder many students fear them. compare and contrast essays combine two attributes in one paper. the compare part lists similarities and alterations while the contrast part only presents differences.

Steps for creating a stellar paper

When writing my essay it is crucial for you to consider the different documents you have been provided for. Ensure that you read them carefully as you jot down important points and ideas. Once you are done, write a list of similar attributes and major differences. Next isolate the major points and convert them in to your dominant argument. at this point you should be checking for points that will propel your essay to stellar performance. Consider important themes, major characters and the core attributes of each side. It is highly likely that one of the factors might provide for the focus of your paper. immediately you are done, create an outline that will be the skeleton body of the paper. this outline will be crucial as it will dictate the flow of your paper. you should start with an intro which provides the general focus behind the argument. Then develop your body, you could decide to separate two paragraphs one detailing the comparison while the other one completely dwelling on the contrast. Finally, you could include a conclusion summarizing your whole point.

Last steps

When your outline is complete writing should be a piece of cake. You should now present your evidence on paper defending your stand. In conclusion, ensure that you go through your paper thoroughly before submitting it to ascertain no petty mistakes go unnoticed.